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Here is a list of notable people who have stayed in Eagle Rock over the years.
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Name Dates Address Notes
Abbot   Loleta Eagle Rock Mayor, Lived on Loleta
Adams, Edward     Assembled over 40 parcels to allow construction of Eagle Rock plaza. Son in law of Roberts.
Adams, John Quincy   Eagle Rock Blvd. Built house now used as Cresse Mortuary
Affleck, Ben     Occidental College alumnus; Lived in Braash house white writing "Good Will Hunting."
Alatorre, Richard     Councilman 14th district 1983-99
Angelillo, Frank Ray 11-29-1929 to 03-26-1976 General Contractor. Grandson of P.C. Blackmer who built the market on Townsend and Yosemite Way,  “HAPPYLAND”.  Son of Joseph E. Angelillo, owner of Angellilo Brothers Construction who build post-WWI and WWII homes in Eagle Rock
Angelillo, Orlindo R. Civil Engineer. Ran for Governor of California
  5212 Highland View Founded school for mentally handicapped
Argus     Owned bowl site of early performances
Asa, Oren died in 2002   Publisher Eagle Rock Sentinel
Bailey, John T     born in Indiana,
Chairman First Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees 1911, Mayor 1911, laid out Kenilworth and built  2 houses, Trustee of Church of the Good Shepherd (Bungalow Church)
Bailey, Paul     Publisher Eagle Rock Advertiser, Westernlore Press
Becker, Ernest     Real Estate
Bell, Juanita Aurelia     Owner Scholfield and Shepherd
Bell, Orel E died Feb 7 1949    
Bergsvik, Elmer M     Eagle Rock City Trustee ca 1922
Biles, Fred     Pioneers '61; Eagle Rock Board of Trade 1911; Eagle Rock Bank
Blankenship   Ellenwood Dr. Blankenship Castle Ellenwood Dr
Blumer, May M.     Pioneers '61
Bobo, Roger     Musician Played tuba with LA Philharmonic
Bobo, Willie     Musician
Bramble, Claude   Loleta Eagle Rock City Manager, Marshall and Street Supt.
Braash, Constance Hill Dr. Piano Teacher; Built "Ma Castle"
Brando, Marlon      
Brayton, JennieC.     Artist & Real Estate develper (with husband Colonel)
Brigman, Anne W. 1869-1950   "Died in Eagle Rock, Wrote "Songs of a Pagan"
Bruce, Wallace E 1864   born in Lewiston, Maine, First Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees 1911, Eagle Rock Board of Trade 1911
Buff, Conrad III 1926-1988 Linda Rosa  
Buff, Conrad IV     Film editor winning Oscar for "Titanic"
Buff, Mary Marsh 1890-1970 Linda Rosa Children’s book author
Candee     Eagle Rock City Clerk
Chan   1325 Saginaw Built house on Wiota later 1325 Saginaw
Citrin, Herb 7/30/22   Invented the concept of valet parking
Colley,Scott     Musician Leading jazz bass player
Cook, W. J. 1849-8/34 5227 Sierra Villa Eagle Rock City Treasurer ca 1922. Lived at "Valle Vista" Hill Dr. then at 5227 Sierra Villa
Cooley, Frances     Pioneers '61
Cota, Carole     Eagle Rock High School ( W' 64), Rose Queen 1966
Councilman, Bill     Drew Katzenjammer Kids
Cowan, Mrs.     President WTCC 1911
Cowan, William Keene     born in Missouri; First Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees 1911; built "Rosemary" and moved to "Vista del Valle"
Cox, George E     Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees
Cruzan     Judge, Eagle Rock City Municipal Court
Curtis, H B     Eagle Rock City Trustee ca 1922
Damon, Matt   Hill Dr Lived in Braisch House while writing "Good Will Hunting"
De Swart, Jan     Artist Modern sculptor in plastics
De Vega, Henry     Played Reeds with Gerald Wilson
Drengberg, J     First Eagle Rock postman
Ducker, P H     Member. Eagle Rock City Water Board ca 1922
Earhart, Ann Stepmother of Amelia
Ecke, Hans     Developed Poinsettia
Eckert, Fred     Foreman Gates ranch Contributed Chinese Photos. Superintendent Eagle Rock City Water Dept. ca 1922
Eckert, Bessie     m. Fred
Eddy, J W     Built "Angels Flight"; residence: Colorado Blvd & El Rio (Eddy)
Edwards, Godfrey     Built Women’s Club; E&W Building. Member: Eagle Rock City Water Board ca 1922. Member Library Board.
Ellenwood, William Henry Two-story house at Ellenwood and Hill He was born in 1840 in Illinois and died in 1917; buried at Forest Lawn with his first wife, Virginia Cole Ellenwood.  They had 16 children. (per Donna Zinser, great-grand-daughter)
Ellenwood, W J      
Evans, Carroll     Owner Carroll Evans Insurance
Ferdon, James     Built "Happyland"tract, College Inn building, old Mason's Hall and Ferdon Building at Merton and Eagle Rock. Owned Ferdon-Silverwood house and Gates Ranch
Fey, Frances Hatch     Pioneers '61
Frackelton, John      
Frackelton, Katherine V.     m. John
Frackleton, William      
Galpin, Cromwell     Mayor of Eagle Rock City,  donated land for first schoolhouse
Gardiner, Blanche     Member Library Board,   Librarian 1913-1942
Green, Jay Onteora Way Lived on Onteora Way between 1975-1985, Owner of the famous Poo-Bahs record shop, still located in Pasadena. Jay was an active parent and Jazz journalist and met John Rinaldo, when his step-son was in band during the early 80's. The Pro Jazz concerts on Sundays that Rinaldo played with many pros, were friends of Jay and he attended all the concerts with greats like Shelly Mann and many others.
Harrison, Anne Hare   1854 Monte Flora  
Hatch, Mrs. L. A.     Member Library Board
Hidas, Andrew     President Western State University
Holland, C. A.     Councilman 14th district 1929-
Holland, John C.     Councilman 14th district 1947-
Hopps, Walter 5-Mar   d. 2005 Popularized Avant Garde artists in the 60's
Houston, Cisco Folk musician, attended Eagle Rock High School
Juett, George      
Juett     Donor bike shop photos
Karger, Earnst   5233 El Rio  
Karger, Johann   5215 El Rio  
Karger, Theresa   5215 El Rio m.Johann
Kaufman, Craig      
Kemp, Jack 1935- Occidental College Attended Occidental College 1953-1957,  played NFL football, U.S. Congressman, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Vice-Presidential candidate (Bob Dole)
Kincheloe, James E     born in Kentucky,  First Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees 1911 (represented east end), house: "Rosemont"
Kratz, Richard P.     Defender and popularizer of Interoculalens Surgery
Lawhon, DavidWilder 1924-1988 June Navy fighter pilot in World War II; President of Manufacturing for Capitol Records/EMI Music
Lawson, Harry A 1881-1978   Editor and publisher of the Eagle Rock Sentinel. Born on Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Canada. Died Thanksgiving 1978.
Le Clere, Mary Louise 12/8/1888-12/23/76   born in Monticello,  Came to Eagle Rock 1913,   Founder; Eagle Rock Presbyterian Church, 1914, DAR (San Raphael) 1920, BP Women's Club 1923,  ERVHS 1961, Pioneers '61
Line, Francis     Owned the Eagle Rock
Lorenz, Anetta De Young     m. John,  Pioneers '61
Lorenz, John     came from Austria with Kargers
Manning, Donald O     L.A. City Fire Chief
Martsolf, Benjamin B   Loleta Eagle Rock City Clerk ca 1922
Marx, Ruth Blackadder      
Mason, T C     Member. Eagle Rock City Water Board ca 1922
Mattison, George C     Eagle Rock City Trustee ca 1922
May     [ May Co.] Joe & Audry Lazaroni lived in his summer house on Escarpa
Mc Nitt, Rollin     Eagle Rock City Attorney,   Boy Scouts Scrapbook
Menasco, Esa Von Grofe     Mdme. Played Cello at the 20th Century club opening.
Merritt, Connie Braisch     Piano teacher
Miller, Mrs. W. L.     Member Library Board
Miller, W. L.     Owner of the Sentinel
Minskey, Dardy Rosemary Blackadder      
Moore, Alice Dirks     Pioneers '61
Moreno, Carlos  
California Supreme Court Justice
Morris, Bertha 1/18/50 5411 Hillmont 1st Worthy Matron Eagle Rock Eastern Star, Goat & plant expert,  friend of Helen Pratt, Husband : Rufus
Murdock, Elena Frackleton     Pioneers '61
Murdock, Ray      
Neal, William     Asst. City Attorney
Neal     William Neal’s son killed in WW II. Neal Dr named in his honor
Newhan, Beth Ellenwood     Pioneers '61
Null Marian M     Lived at "Valle Vista", Hill Dr., Wrote ""Davy Crockett Forgotten Pioneer"
Nutting, Wayne 1894-4/28/69   born in Michigan,  Dahlia Motors Stanley Steamer,  Died at Knott's Berry Farm.
Obama, Barack 1961- Occidental College Attended Occidental College first two years before transferring to Columbia University, 44th President of the United States (taking office January 20, 2009)
Orkin, Ruth 9/3/21-1/16/85    
Osborne, Sherril B.     Eagle Rock City Mayor ca 1922 Councilman 14th district to 1929
Pacheco, Nick     Councilman 14th district 1999-2003
Patterson, Shirley     Miss California
Pedigo, Kate     Artist & Author -- "Eagle Rock's Grandma Moses"
Phinney, Carle & Myrtle     Eagle Rock's first doctor
Pittman     First Eagle Rock City Clerk
Pitts, ZaSu 1/3/1894-6/7/1963 York Pl. Star of "Greed"
Pratt, Helen   Ridgeview Early bird authority. Named Ridgeway (now Ridgeview) for the famous ornithologist
Puthuff, Hanson   College View Ave. Painter Leading Plein Air artist
Real, James     Owned the Eagle Rock
Roberts, Howard     s Carrie
Roberts, Mrs. Carrie A.   Ellenwood Dr d Pittman Member Library Board
Rodgers, Ralph B      
Root, Orlando J. d 2-17-28 (suicide) 5269 La Roda Ave. Manager of Root & Vandervoort Of East Moline,  Ill.(Moline Auto Co.) Autos & engines, trustee of Eagle Rock Bank,  1st President of Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce 1913.
Ross, Laura d 12-76    
Sauer   328 Highland View Built 1928 (Genine)
Scholfield, Sarah J. d 1956 Hartwick St. and later Mt. Royal Drive Came to Eagle Rock in 1917; with her father, William Sheppard, founded Scholfield & Sheppard Real Estate
Shaw, Robert 4/30/16-1/25/99 Ellenwood Dr. Choral director (Robert Shaw Chorale)
Shawn, Ted   Addison Way Modern Dancer
Shearin   Shearin Ave.  
Shedd, John C.     (Dr.) Oxy professor,  developer, poet
Sherman, Dr. Benjamin F.     Wrote "La Paloma" & "Feilcita", "(Escondido)"
Silverwood, Francis B. 1863-1924   Silverwood's,  developer Eagle Rock's "Happyland",  Lyricist for California's state song "I Love you Calfornia""adopted 1988.
Snow, May E.     First President of the Eagle Rock Business and Professinal Women's Club
Snyder, Arthur K     Councilman 14th district 67-83
St Cyr, Lili     (Willis Marie Blackadder) Burlesque Queen,  entrepreneur
St Denis, Ruth   Addison Way Modern Dancer
Steinbeck, John     Author Lived in Eagle Rock several times [click here for more information]
Stine, George F     Owner Stine’s Drug
Stowe, Madeiline 1958-   Actress,  Film debut "Stakeout", 1987; Member of TV "Raines" cast, 2007
Swan, Anna     First library
Swan,  Howard   Addison Way Taught Chorale at ERHS & Oxy
Swanson, Emil     Owner Eagle Rock Lumber
Swinnerton, Kenneth d 10-75    
Taylor, Jesse H     Eagle Rock City Trustee ca 1922
Thompson, Marshall 1926-1992   Actor, Occidental College student, was on cross country team; in 1994 left Oxy fro movies "To Hell and Back"; host of TV's "Daktari
Thrasher, Edward L.     Councilman ca 1935
Tritch, Stewart   Colorado Blvd. Owner Tritch Hardware
Trumbo, Dalton     Blacklisted Hollywood Writer,  Mitzi Trumbo)
Tucker, Sean D.  Algoma Ave. 1970 Graduate of Eagle Rock High School.  He was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame in the last couple of years and is considered the world's finest aerobatic pilot and flies the most sophisticated aerobatic plane in the world.
Wagner, Lindsay Lolita Actor   [more information in wikipedia]
Wong, Bill Sr. 05-   born in Canton,  China Serve Well 1955 -70
Wong, Jessie Chan 2-Jul   Sacramento? Married Chan then Bill Sr.
Wong, Richard     Son of Bill Sr. (?)  ERHS
Wong, Roberta Chan(Bobbie)     Daughter of Chan. Later adopted by Bill Sr. Married George Wong, no relation
Wong, William (Bill) Jr. 2-2-43-03   Son of Bill Sr. Hon c of c member. ERHS 1970
Woods, Elizabeth     ERHS Eagles Scream Founder
Young, Charles W.     born in Illinois,  First Eagle Rock City Board of Trustees 1911,   House "Castle Crags" above Ellis Ave., Eagle Rock City Clerk
Young, Emma     California History and Landmarks Womens 20th Century Club

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