Images of America : Eagle Rock

The long awaited visual history of Eagle Rock will be available at the end of November 2009. The story of our community and its people will be told. Author Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, selected these remarkable vintage images of his neighborhood’s past from the society’s outstanding archives as well as other public and private collections. They illustrate Eagle Rock’s steady evolution from an oak-shaded valley into one of Los Angeles’s great neighborhoods.

In over 200 maps, graphics and photographs, individual images combine to depict the development of our civic involvement, schools and churches and commercial district. Particular attention is paid to Occidental College and its historic connections to the community. The Valley of the Eagle Rock and its continuing history as a center of both regional infrastructure and civic pride and recreation is explored. The role of our town as “Homeland” is depicted through the individual stories of many of our families.

Eagle Rock - Images of America