The Sylvan Theater was built in 1931 as a project of the emergency employment bond issue along with a bathhouse for the preexisting pool. It was constructed of concrete rubble and other materials. A beautiful addition to Yosemite Park, it served as a venue for summer theatre programs and Junior High graduations for many years. Several attempts were made to revive it from vandalism and disuse, it was programmed as a performance space by the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, but continuing vandalism made this impractical. Most recently, it was used to stage classic Greek drama by Eagle Rock High School.

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This rustic bridge crossed the stream in Huntington’s park below the Eagle Rock. Visible on the left above center is the bridge that led from Eagle Rock to Pasadena. This was the easiest crossing of the highly variable stream seen in the foreground. The stream still flows in the open through the MWD land, under the dump road and behind the commercial buildings on the east side of Figueroa St just below the 134 Freeway exit bridge. (ERVHS)


Picnicking under the sycamores in Huntington’s park. (Stargel collection)

1930 0128.06 ROCK MAP

This map shows the street configuration in the 20’s and 30’s and the extent of the park. Much of this area is now Edison’s power line right-of-way. (ERVHS)


The Parker’s fountain was the first “swimming pool”, and the avenue below their house, now Dahlia Drive, became the first “park”. Elena Frackelton Murdoch wrote “The band used to practice there on Sunday mornings, their specialty was “Stella”. As the band members were from many families “Stella” was well sung and whistled.” Photo courtesy of the Elena Frackelton Murdock Family, CA 1900.


This view along Figueroa Street where once the Eagle Rock creek flowed through Huntington’s Eagle Rock Park was taken from the 1955 off-ramp. In the distance is the freeway bridge and beyond it the road to Scholl Canyon dump. The Eagle Rock is diminished by the surrounding infrastructure. (ERVHS)