George Diddock’s real estate office is on the southwest Corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado in 1909. Both streets are still unpaved. The side of the College Inn building is visible on the right. In the center right the newly built Eagle Rock School is visible in the distance. On the left is the Los Angeles Railways trolley from downtown, heading for the end of the line at Townsend Avenue (Published in the Los Angeles Herald Sunday Magazine)

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5 Line sign around 1914. Eagle Rock City existed from 1911 to 1923. Occidental College opened in Eagle Rock in 1914. (ERVHS)

1912-04-10 ROCK BRIDGE PCF

This postcard shows the bridge built to further the connection of the San Fernando Valley through Eagle rock to the San Gabriel Valley via State Highway 134. The route ran up what is now Eagle Vista Avenue and crosser the valley about where the freeway crosses now. The Arroyo Seco Bridge completed this connection in 1913. (ERVHS)

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This rustic bridge crossed the stream in Huntington’s park below the Eagle Rock. Visible on the left above center is the bridge that led from Eagle Rock to Pasadena. This was the easiest crossing of the highly variable stream seen in the foreground. The stream still flows in the open through the MWD land, under the dump road and behind the commercial buildings on the east side of Figueroa St just below the 134 Freeway exit bridge. (ERVHS)


This view along Figueroa Street where once the Eagle Rock creek flowed through Huntington’s Eagle Rock Park was taken from the 1955 off-ramp. In the distance is the freeway bridge and beyond it the road to Scholl Canyon dump. The Eagle Rock is diminished by the surrounding infrastructure. (ERVHS)