Response to article in Glendale News Press August 23

Below you will find my reply to the outrageous editorial in the Glendale News Press, August 23

I encourage you to express your opinion to the Glendale City Council Members. These folks need to know what we think. They are:

  • Zareh Sinanyan    (
  • Laura Friedman    (
  • Ara Najarian    (
  • Paula Devine    (
  • Dave Weaver    (

Send copies to: Lauren Ballard at our council office Lauren Ballard (

In the editorial “Politics may have polluted landfill issue” (August 23), editors of the Glendale News-Press do their best to belittle the concerns of Eagle Rock residents who oppose the massive expansion of the Scholl Canyon Landfill by characterizing their effort as a “cheap political stunt”. The cheap politics are those of the Glendale City Council whose continuation of this obscene land use is promoted by lies and evasions. They display total disrespect for those who bear the brunt of dump operation, not to mention contempt for contemporary standards of historic and ecological preservation.

The Eagle Rock, a Native American sacred place, our community symbol, and a city monument will continue to be degraded. Cheap waste disposal and city profits are the only motivations for the current use of the dump and its expansion.

Yes, our “streets will be worn thin” without compensation. More importantly our children will die sooner because of pollution from the licensed 3400 tons a day of trash, as dirty diesel trucks roar by our homes, schools, and largest park. Eagle Rockers were not “worked up into a frenzy” by Jose Huizar or his staff. He served his constituents well by detecting Glendale’s sneaky effort to perpetrate another forty years of contemptible behavior without community input. His stance has evolved to reflect our absolute opposition to any dump expansion. The editors’ pro-dump stance is obvious. They state “there are no current plans in place to begin work on the expansion”. License dump expansion and our health and quality of life will decline as a stinking mountain of garbage is erected on our verdant skyline.

Eric Warren,
Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society