Dumped Before AND Dumped Again? Will history repeat?

The Scholl Canyon Dump was proposed in 1958 to solve a predicted trash disposal crisis caused by the end of trash incineration in the region. Glendale offered the canyon, a then pristine Oak and Sycamore foliated riparian canyon, as a landfill site. Opposition arose from the homeowners of Glenoaks Canyon who lived along the existing access route through Glendale. Facing intolerable pressure the Glendale City Council conditioned their offer on an alternative route. The county identified the Eagle Rock canyon as an alternative.

Then Councilmember Holland; the citizens of Eagle Rock, led by the Chamber of Commerce; and eventually the Los Angeles City Council began a 3 year struggle to prevent this usage.  A joint powers authority was formed excluding Los Angeles and the Board of Supervisors forced construction through Eagle Rock. In 1960, the dump’s life was predicted at 20 years.

The situation remains much the same today. Los Angeles is excluded from using or managing the dump despite the impacts of the facility on our community. Current legislation requires the assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts that are the result of a project. This is our last chance to see that these impacts on the historic and environmental resources in the Eagle Rock canyon are addressed. The proposal would extend the usage of the dangerous, filthy, and ugly trash conveyor, the Scholl Canyon access road, for 13 to 19 years.

Councilmember Huizar has secured an extension of the EIR comment period until July 31,2014.

Excerpt from Councilmember Huizar’s letter to Glendale:

“Eagle Rock residents are primary stakeholders in your project. Though City of Los Angeles businesses and residents are not allowed access to the landfill, the only active entrance to the site is through Eagle Rock. This access point is adjacent to homes, schools, a major city park, and a historic cultural monument – all in the City of Los Angeles. As such, these City stakeholders bear a significant burden from the operation of the landfill, including trash and debris, pollution, traffic, and deteriorating road conditions in the area around the entrance to the landfill.

Eagle Rock deserves an opportunity to hear the full details and offer comment on the Draft EIR and proposed expansion and extension of the Scholl Canyon landfill. CD14 will work with the City of Glendale to set up a community meeting where Eagle Rock residents can be fully informed of the project and the Scholl Canyon Landfill Draft EIR.”

The Draft EIR is available for review on the City’s website (www.ci.glendale.ca.us), the Sanitation Districts’ website (www.lacsd.org)

We urge all concerned citizens to review the environmental report and comment to the sanitation district with copies to the council office as soon as possible.

Mail comments to:

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Attention: Ms. Debra Bogdanoff
1955 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, CA 90601

Email comments to: sclfeir@lacsd.org

Eric Warren, President
Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society