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The Old Carnegie Library A citizens committee including Blanche Gardiner, later the librarian, raised the funds for the building with the help of a grant from the Carnegie foundation. It was constructed in 1914 after a spirited debate over its location. The books were initially from the County of Los Angeles. A controversy developed and the County books were withdrawn. The library closed for a short time then reopened with books collected from Eagle Rock’s citizenry. Charles Lummis, Los Angeles’ first librarian and Southwest museum founder spoke at the reopening.


Main reading room of the old Eagle Rock Public Library (Newton and Meyers, Architects)


The original Eagle Rock Library – a Carnegie library – opened April 1, 1915. Designed by W. E. Kleppell, it cost $7,500. The library was rebuilt in 1926-27 and is today the Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center.