The Blue Ribbon Committee Inside the Restored Library A diverse group was selected by Councilman Richard Alatorre to discuss the use of the newly earthquake safe Historic building. The Committee recommended a mixed community use. This was modified by the City in a citywide effort to partner with regional Arts education nonprofits. This partnership was the beginning of today’s Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. The community is still represented in the building by the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society.

0211.71 ’80 LIB RIBBON ’80

The Ribbon Cutting By1980 a new library was needed. A new more acessable facility was constructed on Merton Avenue. Here Senator Edward Roybal, Councilman Arthur K. Snyder, Mayor Tom Bradley, TV weatherman George Fischbeck and other dignitaries cut the ribbon on October 3, 1981. The facility boasted 12/500 square feet of space and could hold up to 72,800 volumes.