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Fall 2021

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Nutting Response

I was reading through the above-referenced section and was a little shocked regarding the comment attached to Wayne Nutting. It reads as if William Schutz killed him! Below is a quote from a knowledgeable source regarding the explosion at Knott’s. I would suggest rewording the comment a bit to be more accurate — Nutting was […]

Lost Eagle Rock

Today Eagle Rock Plaza is “just part of the community”. However, this was not always so. Former resident Paul Ohannesian will present an illustrated talk about growing up in the 50’s and early 60’s in the neighborhood replaced by the Plaza at 7:00 on Tuesday, March 9 at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, […]

Response to article in Glendale News Press August 23

Friends, Below you will find my reply to the outrageous editorial in the Glendale News Press, August 23 I encourage you to express your opinion to the Glendale City Council Members. These folks need to know what we think. They are: Zareh Sinanyan    ( Laura Friedman    ( Ara Najarian    ( Paula Devine […]

Dumped Before AND Dumped Again? Will history repeat?

The Scholl Canyon Dump was proposed in 1958 to solve a predicted trash disposal crisis caused by the end of trash incineration in the region. Glendale offered the canyon, a then pristine Oak and Sycamore foliated riparian canyon, as a landfill site. Opposition arose from the homeowners of Glenoaks Canyon who lived along the existing […]

Images of America : Eagle Rock

The long awaited visual history of Eagle Rock will be available at the end of November 2009. The story of our community and its people will be told. Author Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, selected these remarkable vintage images of his neighborhood’s past from the society’s outstanding archives as well […]

The Faster Master Plaster Casters

Adventures of John Steinbeck in Eagle Rock In the 1920s and 30s, young British and American men and women with literary or artistic aspirations flocked to France, Paris in particular, seeking adventure and inspiration. A remarkable number of them became leading writers, artists and intellectuals during the decades that followed. They included not only such […]